Going to a show is always fun. Going to a show at a cheaper than expected price can make it even better. Here are a few ideas for doing so.

Many of the major third party ticket sale sites have deals and discounts from time to time. Now, there are a number of ways to get these, and no one way is really better than another. What we suggest is that you find a few that are really easy to do and to stick with and keep tabs on them as often as you can.

For example, sometimes a promo code might be made available on an affiliate website. You can only really know for certain if the code is available if you check that site out once in a while, so remembering to do this is important.

Some sites, like Groupon, will offer promo codes for sale at a small price. This can be helpful, but there are usually ways to get codes for free. Still, if you come across a deal that ends up saving you a significant amount of cash, paying up front to save even more money later does make sense. Don’t feel like you need to use these deals, but they are out there. Just be sure to do the math before you commit to one of these so that you’re truly saving money.

Signing up for mailing lists can also be helpful. Create an account with a few different ticket sites that you know and trust and subscribe to their mailings. After this step is completed, there’s very little work that needs to be done on your end. You just sit and wait for the emails to come to you. There might not be a code in every email that you get. In fact, this is more than likely to consist mainly of ads. But that’s okay. If you are checking it often and waiting until the helpful stuff comes your way, all of the ads that you get will be worth the while.

Another easy way to try and get free promo codes delivered right to you is to use the site of your choice’s app. Download the app and sign in with your account, and if there is an option to set price and deal alerts, enable it. Some sites allow you to customize your profile so that they have a better idea of where you are located and what type of concert you’re most interested in attending. Not all sites offer this, but if you come across one that does, be sure to utilize it. It will ensure that your information is filtered correctly and that you are only getting the most relevant info sent to you.

While you’re at it, be sure to turn your push notifications on for the app. This way, if there is a limited edition coupon code or deal available, you will receive an automatic alert. Again, this won’t happen with regularity. It will happen once in a while, though. And when it does, you will be able to save on your next purchase. Some sites will even send you a coupon code just for using their mobile app to make a purchase. Push notifications can get annoying, but when they are saving you money, they are worthwhile.

Be Patient

Even if you never use a promo code, spending some time looking at prices will be helpful when it comes to saving money. When you do this, you get a better feel for what’s out there, how prices fluctuate from day to day, and you’ll get a better idea of when the best time to purchase tickets is. You will also get more information about which sites offer the best prices and deals, and you’ll be able to make a more informed decision about which site to use for which purchase.

Observing the ticket market and making good decisions about when and where to buy. The more familiar you become with the price patterns that emerge, the better timing your ticket purchase will be.

The more sites that you are observing, the better your chances of scoring a good deal. Although the third party ticket market does offer a lot of competition within a single site, using a few different sites will open you up to even more options. Does this take some extra effort? Yes. But you will be rewarded for that effort by knowing that you saved as much money as you possibly could. In the end, that hard work will pay off by equaling more money in your bank account.